Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are essential and form part of the contract between the University and any student who is offered a place at the University.

  1. All care has been taken to provide accurate information in this Prospectus.

  2. The University will endeavor to ensure that the educational services outlined in this Prospectus are delivered.

  3. Nevertheless, the list of offered courses, as well as the curriculum for any given degree program, may shift from year to year because the content of courses is periodically reviewed by the faculty, and certain courses may be subject to alteration, deletion, or replacement.

  4. Moreover, force majeure including industrial action or the death or departure of staff may render it difficult if not impossible, or only feasible at higher costs for the University to offer a hitherto available option. For efficiency in resource utilization, the choice of options that may be developed may be pegged on the level of interest displayed in any specific year.

  5. The University therefore retains the right not to offer any specific course, curriculum, or facility, to alter the syllabi or the modes of delivery of courses, or to suspend or change the courses if this seems relevant to the University.

  6. If the University decides to discontinue any course, the University will make every effort to offer a suitable course and also exhaust all measures to avoid any interruption that may arise out of such changes.

  7. Every learner has to strictly adhere to the Ordinances and Resolutions of the University and follow the rules and regulations of the University set for students.

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